I'm surprised at how well built these are!

Its a little more than I wanted to spend, but it's worth it!

Your guy did a great job! He's a great worker, don't lose him.

My compliments again on your product. Everything fit together excellent and it's getting great compliments from the neighbors. You also made me look good, as people now think I'm a great carpenter ! This has to be the best quality shed I've seen. Thanks again, Steve W

It feels so good to know I'll be able to park in the garage tonight.

Other than the shed, I couldn't tell your guys had built it right in my backyard.

Yes, you may use us as a reference. We are very happy with the shed. I will email you a few photos of it in the next few days (once we get the window box planter planted). Ron R

That would be fine to use me as a reference. I do like my shed and it has given me much needed room in my garage. Keith

Terry, I have received many compliments on my shed. My husband is an environmental educator and as part of his job he works with students to reclaim wetlands and prairies. In order to do this he has to have tools- lots of tools- loppers, shovels, rakes, and saws for every person. This means we store a lot of tools in our shed. The shed is outstanding. It has shown no evedience of wear at all. Please feel free to provide me as a referrence or pass along my comments. Lynn C

You guys do good work Jeff H

We love our shed and would be happy to extol the virtues of Redi-Bilt! Its a darn good building. David D

The pictures on the website don't do your sheds justice. anonymous caller