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The Gable shed is what we call "more bang for the buck". It has the same interior storage space as the Overhang, but is less expensive because the roof is smaller and less material is used. We know that many of you out there are trying to stretch that good old greenback as far as it can go. If this sounds like you, this is what you need. This truly is a guy shed...practical, economical, sturdy, dependable, and handsome (in it's own rugged way).

Shed Sizes

6x8 / 8x8 / 8x10 / 8x12 / 8x15 / 10x10 / 10x12

Roof Pitch

4/12 (rise 4 inches per 12 across)


Yes usually in gable ends

Can Door Be Placed In Sidewall

Standard Options*

Double Doors (Except 6x8)
5/8 Inch Floor Plywood
5/8 Inch T1-11 Siding
7/16 Inch Roof OSB
20 yr 3 Tab Shingles
2 Vents

Sidewall Height

Usually 7 Feet
*All options are extra from standard price. Check the price page for prices on this shed.